How To Take Charge Of Your Brand With Outdoor Wall Coverings

In part-one of our wall coverings series, we focused on how wall covering graphics transform branded interior spaces. Whether you select wall coverings or custom wall decals, your brand message can be quickly expanded and powered-up. Let’s dive deeper and examine outdoor wall application ideas and materials.

The exterior walls of buildings are prime real estate for graphic displays. Large, outdoor applications offer limitless potential for brand visibility to pedestrians, motorists and potential customers – current or future. Imagine an upcoming product launch; creating buzz is essential to make the big blast off a success, whether it’s a local or national rollout. As a brand executive, the marketing “canvas” of a high-rise building provides you an amazing ROI, with results far exceeding costs. Imagine thousands of eyes on your product each day with a building wrap. Depending on location, they can be seen for blocks or even miles.