Characteristics of a Quality Advertisement

Advertisement is the best way in marketing products. Now the world is a world of competition and there are numerous homogeneous products in the market. Then, why should people buy your product in lieu of others? Of course, your product has to be the best in quality over all the products in the market. Then, how will people come to know that your product is better? Then the question of marketing or advertisement comes.

Production of a product is primary work but if your advertisement of that product is not better than that of the other products of market, your production will be in vain. Advertisement is helpful in this regard. It is not less important than the production of goods. The quantity of sale depends on the quality of marketing. So you need to know how to make quality advertisement.

Here are some steps you can follow for quality advertisement.

Identification of the Customer:

You have to fix your target customer (gender, age, income, region, etc.) instead of focusing all the people in general. Then you have to analyze what the customer demands from the product. If the demand of a consumer is fulfilled with a product, only then the customer will buy the product.

Analysis of the Competitors:

In most cases, goods are homogeneous. So you have to analyze what your competitors offer consumers, what extra service you can provide consumers so that you can triumph over the established market.

How You Can Reach the Customer:

You can reach the consumers through no personal relationship but through your products. So you must keep in mind that the way your products serve the consumer and care about them after the sale is the only way to build reliability and a long-term relationship with each consumer.

Name and Logo:

The most effective thing in marketing a product is the name and logo of the product. It must be innovative and attractive. When the people watch them on television and on other visual media and know them again and again they will remember them and search them when they need

Use of Language:

An image is better than thousand words. You have to keep in mind that advertisement is not narrative and the customers have not much time to read your advertisement for a long time. So the language of the advertisement of your product must be short but informative.

Creating Want in the Customer:

The advertisement should create extra demand in the customers’ mind which they had not thought before. It will create extra curiosity in the customers to buy the goods.

Exploitation of Feelings:

Your product needs to touch the customers’ tender feelings. Advertisement can do this. Customers become fond of the products and inclined to buy them after watching the advertisement.

Emphasis of Nationalism:

Naturally, everyone loves his nation. If the advertisement can touch the feeling of nationalism, the native people will be eager to buy the products and it will result in sale in good quantity.

Use of Popular Celebrity in Advertisement:

There are people who blindly love their favorite celebrities. So there is another good scope in marketing products. Mostly, people do not bother the quality of goods if their favorite celebrities advertise the product they need.

Quality Goods in Affordable Cost:

Almost all the goods in the market are of same quality and of similar price. So why people buy your product instead of others is the quality of your goods and their affordable cost. Consequently, you have to provide the best quality goods in affordable cost to win the market.


How appealing your advertisement will be depends on how much you will be able to expense. There are various media like electronic media (internet, television, radio, mobile etc.), print media (newspaper, magazine, poster, bill board, T-shirt etc.) from them you have to select according to your budget.


Advertisement through phone or telemarketing is an effective medium now-a-days to sell a product as phone is a common element to all. Printed ads or other ads through TV, Radio, and Internet etc. may be ignored but when one’s phone rings, can anyone ignore it?