Digital Signage – A Sign of the Times in the Hospitality Industry

Taking communication to a whole new level

From flexibility in deployment to running a seamless and reliable operation and meeting marketing goals, digital signage has significantly changed the way the industry functions. Hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines and every other type of hospitality enterprise can leverage the power of digital signage to communicate with guests on a whole new level.

Earlier, the hospitality industry relied heavily on printed signs, which has obvious limitations such as the inability to reach out to guests with time-sensitive messaging. However, digital signage applications have now made it possible to reach every area from the lobby to the guest rooms and conference center of a hotel and beyond. Digital signage networks help hotels engage guests with useful information and also contribute to the atmosphere throughout the lobby, elevators, hallways, and conference centers that host thousands of people.

How to Create an Effective Catalog for Your Business

Yearning to expand your business? Why not create an effective catalog today and enhance your marketing presence!

Catalogs are the best way to publicize your business and help you look professional throughout your marketing campaign. Also, it is an effective marketing tool used by most of the companies for introducing their new products and prices. Moreover, it also helps in setting a positive impression on the minds of the people sitting around the world. Over the last few years, ways of marketing has completely changed with the advancement in technology, because of which many new podiums in the field of advertising were built. Catalogs are one of those techniques that have left a great impact in the field of advertising.

Some Important Features Related To Experiential Campaigns

All businesses want to attract as many prospects as possible and most importantly build loyalties. This naturally is better said than done and marketers have to use all kinds of techniques and strategies to entice and retain customers for good. Event marketing companies organize experiential campaigns that involve interactive elements for maximal engagements. The aim is to get the prospects involved in the various promotional processes, whet their appetite regarding a particular product and compel them to try it at least once.

How to Create Effective Video Advertisements

Currently, a reported fifty percent of mobile traffic stems from video viewership and the growth won’t be slowing any time soon. It’s not surprising, as YouTube is the second most used browser to Google. Also, in just the last 10 months, Nike increased its Instagram following from 4 to 12 million users with the use of engaging video campaigns.

For brands considering the introduction of video ads into their current marketing strategy, it helps to know that fifty-two percent of consumers agree that well-executed videos make them more confident in their purchasing decisions. Most companies struggle with where to start and how to differentiate between the best video ad format to achieve their sales goals. Below is an overview of common video formats and how to optimize each for maximum effect.

Position Yourself As the Expert: Determine Your Position

If you want to position yourself as the Expert, you must Determine Your Position.

Your position is more important than your product. In your marketing you want to position yourself magnetically to attract a certain type of customer.

Think about a magnet for a moment. A typical bar magnet has two ends, a north end and a south end. If you bring two of those bar magnets together, depending on how you have them placed, they are either going to attract to one another or they’re going to repel one another. In your marketing you want to do exactly the same thing. You want to attract your ideal type of customer and you want to repel everyone else.