The Benefits Of Custom Printed Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are highly ingenious marketing and branding strategies that have of late gained an unprecedented level of popularity. Most particularly with product based and even service oriented business establishments. These one of a kind tools permit the convenient identification of each and every single client as unique and in possession of unique needs and preferences. This ultimately goes a long way in fostering customer loyalty in an extremely hassle-free manner.

Things a First Time Buyer Should Consider Before Buying Signage

Signage is one of the best and most cost effective ways to advertise a company. It is the first impression a customer has about your brand or business. From carved in stone, wood, printed on plastic to fancy neon or LED lights there is an endless variety of products you can pick for your business. A properly placed and well-crafted one helps you to attract more people and see an increase in sale. If you are buying a banner for the first time, don’t forget to consider these below mention things before making the big purchase.

Types of Outdoor Advertising and Its Unfailing Impact

In the present consumer driven market, advertising has become the need of the hour. However, with so many brands competing in the same market, for the same set of consumers, how will your product stand out? This is a million dollar question that troubles almost every brand. That’s why in addition to the traditional advertising tools, entrepreneurs are now investing into outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising, the term in itself is self-sufficient to give out a meaning. It is nothing but advertising done at outdoors like ads on buses, bulletins and so on. Now that the meaning is quite clear, let’s shed some light on types of outdoor advertising.

Make Your Video Content Stand Out With a Corporate Strategy

Studies show that retention rate for information only heard is 10% while that of what is just seen is 20%. Surprisingly, the retention rate for information that is both seen and heard is 80%, and as a corporate executive, this should pique your interest.

Leveraging Audio and Visuals
While this is a hackneyed observation, not many companies have taken advantage of the latent opportunity implied. However, with a well done video production, you can easily use these facts to get a competitive edge in your niche. Such a production gives your corporate communication a personal touch and is also more interactive.

Video Production Future of Corporate Communication

When Volkswagen recently launched a YouTube campaign, they probably never expected such fascinating results. With over 155 million combined views for a trio of clips, you cannot gainsay the power of such a technique for your brand.

Things Can Only Get Better
With Nielsen projecting over 70% of companies will focus on such productions in the next two years, it is time you hopped onto the bandwagon in order to reap big with an exquisitely done video production. Indeed, things can only get better with YouTube which receives over one billion unique visitors, reporting over 56% of its content is corporate material.